550 Brewing Welcomes Back Rick Hatfield

 If you just sit at home and miss this evening, you are going to regret it.
Rick is one of the best singer/musicians around and will treat you to a good time.

 Terri Lynn Davis and Thomas Hinds at 550 Brewing Taproom

Terri Lynn Davis and Thomas Hinds paths were bound to cross at some point.  Both spending time in the Southwest and with music souls committed to travel, these two have begun the adventure of a life time.  Both developing their sound through playing live, and constant writing, and recording; they have set the foundation for a national tour in 2019, “Rub Some Dirt On it Tour” from West Coast to East Coast and everything in between.  Both celebrating their new album releases, her's being "Chasin' Parked Cars" and his being, "Resurrection Road" these two plan on bringing their musical talents as far as the highway will allow them.

Her music stems from old Honky Tonk roots to 90’s country tunes with influences of Wanda Jackson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Lee Hazlewood, Hank Williams Jr., Brooks and Dunn and Dolly Parton.  Thomas Hinds began his journey as a singer songwriter in the early 1990's, inspired by the music of bands such as U2, The Black Crowes, Def Leppard, and Counting Crows.  These are just a few of the bands that ignited their fire and fueled their musical dreams.

Learn more at
Terri Lynn Davis   www.terrilynndavis.com
Thomas Hinds   https://www.reverbnation.com/thomashinds